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Weekly Guided Mindfulness
Drop-in Group

Every Friday Morning | 7.30am EST 

It's not unusual to wake with a mind full of activity - deadlines, people to meet, kids to feed, places to go - and have that mental chatter follow us throughout the entire day - without taking a pause or a moment to come to our senses. The drop-in sessions provide 30 minutes to begin your day aware & nourished, end your day aware & recharged, as well as an opportunity to support your ongoing mindfulness practice.

The group is for everyone - whether you are new to mindfulness wanting to try meditation or a more experienced practitioner - and meets online Monday evenings and Friday mornings.

Each session features 20 minutes (approx.) guided mindfulness-based meditation with a brief opportunity for inquiry and to connect with the group. To honor the confidentiality of participants please join from a room where you can remain undisturbed during the length of the session. This will also help you to give your full focus to the meditation practice. Naturally, unexpected things happen when we join from our home environment. Please don’t worry too much and just do the best you can with any distractions, i.e. making sure you are on mute or switching the camera off as needed.

Trust in your own experience - meditations offered are invitational in nature, meaning you are encouraged to take from them what is supportive to you and feels right at that moment.


Joining for the first time?

Please click through below to receive a Zoom link.

The link will remain the same for each session.


The guided sessions are an offering to the practice.

If you wish to donate to support the service, you are most welcome to below.

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