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A Daily Habit...

I get the feeling that most folks know what habits are, how to break bad ones and create healthy positive ones . There are many excellent authors out there on the subject (James Clear & BJ Fogg to name a few), and given the time of year perhaps you've been inundated with books and articles on how to get those new year resolutions to actually stick this time. Small acts done daily, decisions made each day and what we repeatedly think about make up or habits. It's our habits that decide how healthy or happy we are, how productive or successful we are. Whether we break our goals down into tiny micro-steps so that the actions can be done without any thought ala BJ Fogg or dive into the mechanics of the neurological feedback loop that's at work when habits are in control as Clear beautifully details here: - when it comes to the execution, consistency is key. I know that whilst I have maintained a solid level of practice of meditation and contemplation over the past year, the challenging nature of it meant that I lacked that consistency. So as a means to re-build the consistency in my practice and as a service to anybody looking to build a meditation habit, I'm guiding a 10-min meditation each day this month on Instagram Live. 7:30am EST 12:30pm UK Instagram: @awareness_of_arjun Come and sit for 10 minutes each day and enjoy the fruits of your practice & discipline for much longer.

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