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I'm happy to be supporting these excellent organisations, by facilitating sessions which aim to improve lives through developing awareness of our inner processes. I invite you to explore how they may help you and those around you.

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TMP offers a secular and evidence-based approach, which aims to teach what meditation is and help make learning mindfulness meditation more accessible and relatable to a mainstream audience, whilst keeping it real and meaningful.

Facilitating meditation & mindfulness sessions in varying forms

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FLOWN provide a unique blend of secular rituals and science-backed deep work techniques to provide space for FLOWN members to increase productivity, feel connected to their work and improve their out-of-office lives in the process.

Facilitating virtual Deep Work sessions.

MH-at-Work logo.jpeg

Mental Health at Work develop and deliver customised workplace programmes to support open and natural conversations around mental health.

Facilitating workshops for companies & organisations.

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Baby Cobra Yoga is a community-based yoga studio located in Bushwick & Williamsburg - New York.

Guiding meditation and facilitating inquiry every Friday at 1:30pm (Bushwick location)

Mindbloom provides at-home ketamine therapy for anxiety and depression.


Holding space for client preparation and integration of psychedelic medicine sessions. Supporting clients to create accountability systems for new behaviors and practices that emerge.

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