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I am a certified mindfulness-based stress reduction facilitator

and meditation guide.

As a practitioner over 12 years and experiencing directly their benefits, I teach mindfulness and meditation practices scientifically proven to reduce stress & anxiety, increase focus and improve well-being. Fundamentally, the practices cultivate awareness of both our inner and outer worlds...

A story

In 2010 a pivotal personal life experience took place on the Island of Ibiza. A haze of alcohol, drugs and placing myself in situations that deep down I never really wanted to be in, were the chronic symptoms of self-avoidance and supressing the truth of who I was, in order to fit in. This had been the case as long as I can remember.


This moment shattered everything I knew to be true. I remember this vividly, as painful and excruicating, from then I began asking many questions to seek answers that would help get me out of the mental suffering I was going through - my mind would not let me rest. So began the journey of learning about myself through meditation, mindfulness and many many mistakes...

I took a risk and made a drastic change in my career. After solely working in sales and sponsorships across industries (enjoying the financials that came with), to study and train to become a mindfulness and meditation facilitator, via behaviour change coach supporting people to address and change their behaviours towards to smoking and lifestyle.


Ultimately, I'm learning that meditation is about developing self-awareness -learning about patterns of thought that shape my perception of the world around me; understanding my emotions & moods and how they affect me and those around me; and observing how I behave in situations, my default programming and habitual modes of reactivity. 


I'm learning that meditation is not an escape from reality, rather it is tuning into a reality that exists below all of the mental chatter that is seemingly on during all my waking hours. It's clear that there is a stilness that is always present, and resides within all of us, meditation simply provides the access. It's from this space of stillness that I have been able to make any decisions that are beneficial for my mental and physical well-being.


With Love, 



  • Certified Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Facilitator

  • 2 years Teacher Training including 7-day intentive teaching retreat supervised by Susann Hermann (Psychologist MA) with Centre for Mindful Living*

  • 6-day Interpersonal Mindfulness Intensive Retreat

  • Daily Meditation Practice and Regular 1-2-1 Supervision

  • Personal student member of Centre for Mindful Living (since 2018)  

* Centre for Mindful Living is a BAMBA registered organsiation - BAMBA = British Association for Mindfulness-based Approaches (the main UK regulatory body for mindfulness teachers and mindfulness organisations) 

Other Relevant Qualifications:

  • 2:1 Business Studies Degree

  • Behaviour Change Coach (Level 2 Trained with National Centre for Behaviour Change)

  • Mental Health First Aid Trained

  • National Centre for Smoking Cessation Training (Level 2 Trained)

Insured to facilitate meditation & mindfulness sessions 1-2-1 and in groups.

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